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Simple, Practical and Reliable Dental Autoclave

The NewClave Autohouse Type-B delivers the most advanced utility for the class-B autoclave. It is designed as simple, practical and reliable for your perfect sterilization.
  • One-click-ease to enable 4 pre-programmed sterilization cycles from the user-friendly control panel
  • 100% fully sterilization and drying performance with pre-vacuum technology for wrapped and unwrapped instruments
  • Speedy 4 minutes sterilization cycle available for urgent usage
  • Extra sanitation assurance by two separated tanks – one for clean water and one for used
  • Hassle-free auto water drainage design
  • 7 safety mechanisms for utmost operation safety
  • High quality stainless steel chamber for longer reliability

Dental Autoclave NewClave Autohouse class B (Apoza, Taiwan)

Among all types of sterilizers, the Class-B sterilization is regulated and categorized with the strictest standard. The Class-B autoclave incorporates pre-vacuum technology with an inbuilt vacuum pump for air removal. It can sterilize wrapped or unwrapped, solid, hollow, and porous instruments. Hence, it provides faster and more effective steam penetration and better sterilization performance. 

100% fully sterilization with pre-vacuum technology and excellent drying performance. By using the fractionated pre-vacuum technology, the sterilizer removes air completely, and then the pressurized steam serves as an effective agent to ensure uncompromising sterilization. Meanwhile, the post-vacuum provides excellent drying results, meeting the strictest Class-B standard.

High Quality

Our center is equipped with the most modern technologies – this is a guarantee of high quality of works performed in the most comfortable conditions for the patient. We use certified materials and tools of Japanese, German, American manufacturers who have proven themselves perfectly in the global market.


All that in dentistry should be disposable - is used in our clinic once. For the rest of the equipment is provided the triple system of processing and sterilization of instruments. The use of program "Anti-AIDS" and "Anti-Hepatitis" completely eliminates the possibility of transmission of viral infections.
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