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29 June 2015
I would like to share my impressions of the recent visit to the Dental Clinic “ClasicDent” by address: 29 Gh. Asachi Str., Chisinau. From the very first minutes you feel pleasant and quiet atmosphere inside.
 I would like to share my impressions
29 June 2015
Discounts have surprised us, as well as consultation and examination of the oral cavity at the first visit. It is very important that the patient can make an appointment with the doctor at the convenient time.Elena Lozovaya, a student
Discounts have surprised us,
29 June 2015
I am very fastidious, and so I was glad to see that the dental clinic “Clasic Dent” pays great attention to the sterility and safety. All tools and equipment being in contact with the oral cavity go through multilevel cleaning and sterilization. Radu Krechun, a physician
I am very fastidious
29 June 2015
If you have not got rid of children's fears in front of a dentist door, then you should know that specialists at the Dental Center “ClasicDent” guarantee painlessness of all manipulations. And treatment methods are the most up-to-date here, and many of them became a real discovery for me.Nikolai Kovalchuk, a businessman
 If you have not got rid of children's fears
29 June 2015
To prevent any dental problem, our family visits to the dentist every six months even if there is no urgent need at all. You can be calm enough for your teeth for a long time after preventive examination and ultrasonic dental cleaning. A healthy smile is a sign of life quality and a guarantee of physical well-being. Edward Malay, a teacher
To prevent any dental problem
Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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