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Dental prosthetics

Dental prosthetics is the branch of surgery aimed at the restoring of previously lost tooth or a group of them. It includes: dental microprosthetics, removable and non-removable prosthetics. At present the aesthetic direction has developed in orthopedics. It means the patient can change the shape, color, size and position of the teeth by means of crowns and veneers.

протезирование зубов имплантация зубные протезы кишиневThe Dental Centre “ClasicDent” uses computer technologies as well as materials which do not cause allergic reactions, gum inflammation, metallic taste in the mouth. Prosthetics of dental crowns and bridges is based on titanium, zirconium and chromium-cobalt.

New!  Removable nylon dentures
Removable nylon dentures in Chisinau Moldova Removable nylon dentures in Kishinev Moldova
At present removable nylon dentures are widely used in dentistry. They have become a worthy alternative to clasp dental prosthesis. Our Dental Clinic can offer you this type of prosthetics.
The main advantages of nylon dentures are:
1. Light and weightless. 
2. Unnoticeable. Special parts holding the denture are in transparent pink color (the color of the gum) 
3. There is no necessity to prepare teeth for prosthetics, crowns are not needed. 
4. Nylon denture is very durable and elastic. 
5. There is no metal in the base. 
6. Absence of injuries due to the elasticity of denture. 
7. Lack of allergy to the material. 
Press and digital stove Valplast.
The proprietary equipment and dispensable materials are used to manufacture flexible prostheses on the basis of nylon.
Individual treatment plan will be offered to every patient at the center. Depending on the patient's specific conditions, our specialists have the opportunity to combine crowns made of different materials. They successfully use both non removable, removable constructions and implants.

At the Dental Center “ClasicDent” you will be able: 
  • to examinee and get the individual treatment plan;
  • to save natural shape and color of your teeth with the help of prosthetics;
  • to restore a tooth without filing down the neighboring teeth;
  • to restore a beautiful smile by means of removable soft dentures which perfectly attach to the gums;
  • and etc.

Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.
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