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X- RAY Dental visiography

The visiography is a procedure helping dentists to detect defects of teeth, of their roots, as well as any dental traumas. The radiography device provides a high resolution and clarity, whereas its accuracy offers us the possibility to give quick and exact diagnoses.  

You may find below some key aspects of a digital visiograph:

  • reduced radiation down by 80% for the patient compared to the classic X-ray radiograph;
  • quicker processed images, without film for X-ray, without the need to develop images;
  • a digital intra-oral sensor is used instead of X-ray film;
  • immediate processing on PC monitor;
  • high quality of digital photo, which may be analysed and processed;
  • saving of photos in the patient’s file;
  • child-friendly, due to reduced radiation, in cases when a picture is necessary to be made.

The ClasicDent clinic is endowed with a modern digital visiograph Endos АСР (Italy). This dental device allows easily processing, archiving and restoring of dental photos of patients. The visiograph helps the dentists to identify the dental problems more certainly than the traditional methods.

High Quality

Our center is equipped with the most modern technologies – this is a guarantee of high quality of works performed in the most comfortable conditions for the patient. We use certified materials and tools of Japanese, German, American manufacturers who have proven themselves perfectly in the global market.


All that in dentistry should be disposable - is used in our clinic once. For the rest of the equipment is provided the triple system of processing and sterilization of instruments. The use of program "Anti-AIDS" and "Anti-Hepatitis" completely eliminates the possibility of transmission of viral infections.
Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
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