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Ultrasonic cleaners

Ultrasonic cleaners are the first stage in the decontamination process of dental instruments. The instruments should be processed in an ultrasonic cleaner before being disinfected and sterilised.

Ultrasonic energy creates billions of minute bubbles in an ultrasonic cleaning bath that implode with tremendous force when they contact dental instruments.  The process, called cavitation, reaches into tiny cracks and crevices, literally blasting contaminants away from the surface in a much more efficient manner than manual scrubbing, which has the additional disadvantage of requiring personnel to handle dirty instruments.
Only after a thorough ultrasonic cleaning should instruments move to the second and third stage: disinfecting and sterilization. That is because residue will interfere with microbial inactivation and can compromise subsequent processes

Ultrasonic cleaner Eurosonic 4D  with a techology «SWEEP MODE»  (Euronda, Italy)

High Quality

Our center is equipped with the most modern technologies – this is a guarantee of high quality of works performed in the most comfortable conditions for the patient. We use certified materials and tools of Japanese, German, American manufacturers who have proven themselves perfectly in the global market.


All that in dentistry should be disposable - is used in our clinic once. For the rest of the equipment is provided the triple system of processing and sterilization of instruments. The use of program "Anti-AIDS" and "Anti-Hepatitis" completely eliminates the possibility of transmission of viral infections.
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