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Dental Consultation

Consultation of a qualified specialist, making a plan of treatment and examination using the intraoral camera!

We offer you the highest standard of patient counseling:
  • detailed examination;
  • X-ray diagnostics;
  • professional diagnosis;
  • comprehensive treatment plan;
  • recommendations for the oral care.
The process of consultation:
Consultation at the clinic "ClasicDent" - is an opportunity to get a complete oral examination, to learn about the solutions to the problems, get a treatment plan and a series of recommendations for the dental care.
At the first consultation the doctor makes comprehensive treatment plan to restore the health of your mouth. If necessary, others specialists are involved in the treatment plan for its correction.
Note! Online consultation system works on our site. Our doctors and administrators will try to help you on any questions. 
It is required to get a complete overview picture of dental system, to fulfill dental manipulations effectively, especially for planning complicated procedures. This is achieved by the orthopantomogram that identifies the necessary information about explicit and implicit problems of the oral cavity. Orthopantomogram is the dental diagnostic method when the specialist receives the image of dentoalveolar system by means of the panoramic X-ray image.
The data of ortopantomogram allows to estimate:
  • the location of the teeth  in the jaws relative to each other;
  • the position, the state and the form of dentoalveolar bones;
  • to diagnose bone and parodont diseases;  
  • the condition of fillings, the quality of canal fillings;
  • the stage of teething and the position of the wisdom teeth.
In some cases, more detailed methods are carried out: a computer tomography or teeth sighting shots.
Our specialists will teach you and your children the proper oral hygiene,  talk about how important the individual selection of means for oral care.
We discuss the questions of anesthesia in the treatment, taking into account the general condition of the patient, his chronic illness and age. The opportunities and technical equipment of dentistry allow to carry out all kinds of local anesthesia.
Our dentists recommend the patients go for regular check-ups - as a rule, once every six months.
In this case, even the smallest deviations from the norm will be identified in a timely manner that will allow immediately to take the necessary measures and to reduce the amount of treatment to a minimum. And most important, regular preventive examinations ensure the preservation of guarantees after the treatment.

Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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