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Air Flow

Our professional hygiene experts can give you a brighter, whiter smile, banish tooth stains and help to keep your mouth in tip top condition! Ask for the Airflow Polish to have a wonderful jet clean to your teeth, giving you an instantly brighter whiter smile.
What is the Airflow system?
Airflow is the leading private teeth cleaning system which uses a spray of air, aesthetic polishing powder and gentle jet stream of water to rapidly remove surface stains and dental plaque which are impossible to remove with normal tooth brushing. This innovative non invasive treatment, gently removes staining, is kind to the tooth surface, non damaging to the structure of the teeth and significantly improves tooth brightness, giving you noticeably lighter and brighter teeth. Results are immediate.
  • Brighter Whiter Teeth
  • Immediate Results
  • Kind To Tooth Surface
  • No dentist referral required
  • This treatment is perfect for surface staining from tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco
Talk to our friendly reception team, we would be delighted to help +373 22 776691

High Quality

Our center is equipped with the most modern technologies – this is a guarantee of high quality of works performed in the most comfortable conditions for the patient. We use certified materials and tools of Japanese, German, American manufacturers who have proven themselves perfectly in the global market.


All that in dentistry should be disposable - is used in our clinic once. For the rest of the equipment is provided the triple system of processing and sterilization of instruments. The use of program "Anti-AIDS" and "Anti-Hepatitis" completely eliminates the possibility of transmission of viral infections.
Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you. Soupy Sales
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