Professional teeth cleaning

Professional hygiene (cleaning) of the teeth - is a completely painless procedure consisting of ultrasound removal of dental deposits, removal of dental plaque using the Air-Flow and medical treatment of gums.

Oral hygiene guarantees healthy teeth! It includes regular personal and professional care. Dental tartar and plaque should be removed every six months, preventing periodontitis. This procedure is called the professional dental cleaning.
Surveys show that people brush their teeth improperly. But, even with a genetic predisposition to tooth decay and periodontisis, proper oral hygiene, personal dental cleaning reduces the risk of these diseases in two times. We may select an individual hygienic set for everyone who wishes, keeping your beautiful smile in perfect purity.
Professional tooth cleaning prevents the accumulation of dental plaque and chronic inflammatory process that inevitably leads to the tooth loss.
This procedure also eliminates bad breath, prevents gingival hemorrhage and color plaque. The dentists carry out scaling by means of the ultrasonic device “AMDENT” (Switzerland). Then we polish the teeth eliminating pigmented plaque by means of brushes, abrasive polishing pastes and special strips. During the procedure, teeth are polished and covered by a special elixir, restoring immunity.
Such oral hygiene is painless and does not damage tooth enamel, fillings and denture. 
At the Dental Center “ClasicDent” you will be able:
  • to remove dental plaque;
  • to strengthen your teeth and restore their immunity;
  • to reduce the risk of caries and parodontosis;
  • to get the oral hygiene advice. 

Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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