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Cosmetic dentistry - Dental restoration

Restoration is a repetition of the normal structure of the natural tooth by means of imitating various artificial materials. Modern restoration includes a number of methods that restore the beauty of the teeth and create an impeccable smile.

эстетическая стоматология КишиневToday restoration is made of the latest filling materials and ceramics. At present you can restore your tooth in one visit. Restoration of the tooth is carried out using the so-called cofferdam – a thin rubber sheet fixed with special clasps. The cofferdam isolates the working field from saliva. It much better enhances the quality of restoration and its durability.
Our doctors achieve excellent results in restoration even in the most complex situations. They successfully solve the problem of chipped teeth, restore damaged coronal parts of teeth, align teeth and correct the occlusion.

Восстановление зубов в стоматологической клинике Кишинева
Restoration is also aimed to improve patients' general condition and quality of life, in particular by means of the high cosmetic results.
At the Dental Center "ClasicDent" you will be able:
  • to get a Hollywood smile without prosthetics;
  • to save your teeth alive;
  • to improve your occlusion and align your teeth at any age;
  • to get the healthy color of your teeth;
  • to strengthen your teeth and restore their immunity;
  • to become more confident.
Реставрация зубов в стоматологической клинике Кишинева

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