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Our Dental clinic provides full range of the dental services for adults and children. "ClasicDent" uses the modern digital equipment for diagnostic purposes of the dental disorder.
Dental Surgery

If your dentist recommends dental surgery for a problem in your mouth, teeth or jaws, it's easy to understand why you might be a little hesitant to go through with it. Surgery of any kind shouldn't be taken lightly and dental surgery is no different. But don't be scared off entirely -- dental surgery is a broad term that includes everything from a simple tooth extraction to a complex procedure such as dental implant surgery. And dental surgery can relieve pain and improve the function and appearance of your smile.

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Therapeutic dentistry includes the prophylactic treatment of caries, treatment of injuries, chips and damages, treatment of root canals, change of shape and alignment of dentition, treatment of stomatitis. The Dental Centre “ClasicDent” pays attention to the aesthetics and painless dental treatment. Our doctors use the method of aesthetic treatment (treatment of caries) and you will not be able to distinguish enamel from filling in color and structure.

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