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The advantage of our clinic is a comprehensive approach to the patient’s problem. The team of highly qualified doctors works in our clinic that undergoes annual certification and has extensive clinical experience. All specialists constantly pass professional development courses, study new technologies and methods, and also take part in scientific seminars and workshops in various fields of dentistry. Our doctors will treat with all the understanding and responsibility to your problem, find the most convenient and painless treatment option. You only need to trust us.
Denis Cristofor

Denis Cristofor

Dental Therapist, Orthopedist, Chief Medical Officer

Work experience: 10 years. Certified Dentist, a prosthetic on the latest technologies

  • rehabilitation of dentoalveolar system
  • aesthetic restoration of teeth
  • treatment of complicated forms of caries
  • periodontal splinting of teeth
  • treatment of gum diseases
  • teeth whitening

Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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