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Orthodontics & dental braces to correct teeth

Few people are lucky enough to be born with perfect teeth, but orthodontic treatment can make a huge difference to you or your child. Your orthodontist may recommend any of the following types of braces or dental appliances to help correct your particular problem. 
The doctors will focus, when correcting your teeth, on teeth which are seen when you smile and will not affect the other teeth.
After the orthodontic operation, we assure you that you will feel comfortable and will be able to freely smile. This type of treatment is conservative, cheep and extremely efficient. Usually, in order to correct teeth, metal dental braces are used, more exactly those of high quality stainless steel. But, ceramics dental braces are also very often used. These are preferred by adult patients due to their cosmetic look.
Dental braces to correct teeth

For the procedure of orthodontic correction, ClasicDent dentists use modern devices of type DAMON – used only by few dental clinics in Moldova.
The efficiency of braces is one beyond expectations due to their flexibility. By using the DAMON dental braces, you do not need additional fitting during the treatment and, respectively, the treatment is faster and more comfortable for the patient.

Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.
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