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Welcome to the dental clinic "ClasicDent" in Chisinau!

Over the years, a friendly and stable team has formed in our clinic, where dentists with extensive experience work. Our specialists regularly improve their skills, learn new techniques, attend scientific seminars and conferences, providing high quality services.
To create a comfortable atmosphere of treatment, every workplace is equipped with a monitor that allows the patient together with the doctor to discuss the forthcoming plan of treatment during the examination, and to watch entertainment programs during the breaks. In addition the patient has the opportunity to observe the entire process of treatment on the screen, transmitted by a special intraoral camera.
Administrators, doctors and nurses are specially trained to reduce patient’s anxiety and worry and to elevate mood. In fact, everything has been done to ensure comfort for the patient and pleasant working environment for the doctor.
Our Priorities:
Painless - modern anesthesia systems can effectively control the pain and implement the most accurate and effective anesthesia absolutely painless.
Quality - only the most modern materials are used for successful treatment.
The stomatology "Clasicdent" provides warranty on treatment, prosthetics and other types of services. Our main goal is to provide a full range of high-quality dental services.
Safety - individual treatment plan is made for each patient, taking into account all available pathology. Sterility and disinfection in the clinic are at the proper level, doctors and staff make regular preventive examinations. Your health is our profession.
Reputation - we appreciate the trust of our patients and justify it offering an effective and safe treatment and prosthetics at a high level.
Honesty - each staff member performs his job with full dedication and the maximum responsibility, because such an attitude to the work is the most correct.
Effectiveness – the range of services in our clinic covers all kinds of therapeutic, orthopedic and surgical dentistry. The interaction of doctors of different specialties in the treatment of a patient makes it possible to provide a service "turnkey". All this allows us to achieve excellent results - healthy teeth for our patients.
We are sincerely happy to see you at our Dental Center!
The dental clinic "ClasicDent" is located at: 29 G.Asachi str. (Telecenter),
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel: (373-22) 72-66-91
Mob. 0-794-55953
Work schedule: daily 8.00 – 18.00,
Saturday: 8.00 – 14.00 ; Sunday – day off
Emergency call: (373) 794-55953

Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.
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