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Therapeutic dentistry

Therapeutic dentistry includes the prophylactic treatment of caries, treatment of injuries, chips and damages, treatment of root canals, change of shape and alignment of dentition, treatment of stomatitis.
The Dental Centre “ClasicDent” pays attention to the aesthetics and painless dental treatment. 
Our doctors use the method of aesthetic treatment (treatment of caries) and you will not be able to distinguish enamel from filling in color and structure.
Modern filling materials react with the tooth tissues forming a single whole. 
One of the main branches in the therapeutic dentistry is root canal treatment.

Patients very often face the problem caused by pulpitis and periodontitis.
Root canals must be cured impeccably because it is a guarantee of a long and healthy life of the pulpless teeth. Everybody knows that poor treatment may lead eventually to pathological processes in the jaw bone structures and cause granulomas and cysts.
The most up-to-day technologies and new materials, art and skill of our doctors will help you avoid such problems.
Don't be in a hurry to remove teeth! Come to our Dental Clinic and we will help you. We treat previously poor filled root canals, extract foreign bodies (broken instrument or anchor pin), cure cysts and/or granulomas. It is very important before dental prosthetics. Modern equipment and the very latest technologies allow a doctor to perform this work perfectly.
Each stage of the work is carried out using computer diagnostics, endodontic handpieces not to avoid complications during treatment. 
At the Dental Clinic "ClasicDent" you will be able: 
  • to pass examination, then the doctor will develop a treatment plan taking into account your individual characteristics (health, pregnancy, drug intolerance, your free time, etc.);
  • to get rid of acute pain;
  • to restore the health of your teeth with the help of modern technologies and the latest equipment;
  • to save even the most hopeless teeth;
  • to get rid of various kinds of inflammation by means of special anti-inflammatory pastes possessing action reinforcing tissue regeneration;
  • to restore the natural shape and color of decayed teeth;
  • to strengthen and restore the immunity of your teeth, etc. 

Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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