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Decorative dentistry

Декоративная стоматология скайсы КишиневEsthetic dentistry is another fashionable trend in recent years - the installation of miniature decorations (Skies) for the teeth - the so-called decorative dentistry. These modern decorations are for the enamel decoration.

Today decorative dentistry is in fashion in many developed countries. People decorate their teeth with elegant, scarcely noticeable (in size from 1.5 to 2.5 mm) strasses, precious stones and skyces. The origin of this tooth decoration came to us from Germany.

Skyces have a flat surface and are attached to the teeth with special glue without filing down. The connection is so leakless that the surface of the tooth is absolutely protected from penetration of bacteria.

Skyces are removed with a special solution or a tool. 
The thickness of dental jewelry is 0.5 mm. There are no food around them and friction on the lips. Moreover, these decorations do not require any additional care.
There are many variants of skyces (flowers, stars, hearts, symbol of “yin yan”, crescent, treble clef, smiley, “@”, etc.), so each of you will find something special to your taste.
Gems of cone-shaped cut (usually transparent diamonds and sapphires) are placed inside the crown so that the tooth surface remained flat. The main fans of precious smiles are women and pop stars.
Only dentist can do this procedure competently!

скайсы украшение зубов Кишинве

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