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Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is a change in teeth color using the high-quality professional products based on hydrogen peroxide.

Advantages of whitening:
  • Quick results in a minimum of time - 45 minutes;
  • No negative effects on the gums, mucous membranes and enamel;
  • Strengthening of the enamel;
  • High stability of the result.
The dental clinic «ClasicDent» applies the professional whitening system "Smiling System" (Italy), using gels Professional Smiling Advanced HP and Proffesional Smiling Plus HP.

Teeth Whitening in Chisinau

If you have dental calculus on the teeth stains from coffee, tea and tobacco, do not worry. This can be corrected with the help of professional cleaning of the teeth, and the subsequent whitening. And all this does not cause damage to the enamel. Scientists have proven that after teeth whitening, the structure of tooth enamel becomes denser by 25-35% and the risk of dental calculus, caries and periodontitis reduces up to 40%.
  • discoloration of the teeth as a result of bad habits, such as smoking;
  • aesthetic dissatisfaction;
  • age-related changes of color, because the enamel darkens with age;
  • pigmentation of the outer layer of tooth enamel;
  • tooth discoloration after injuries or illnesses;
  • "Tetracycline" teeth blackened from taking antibiotics, etc.
The second method is a teeth whitening using the gel and individual mouthguards of the company Opalescence (Ultradent, USA).
Professional teeth whitening method is the use of special transparent silicone mouthguards, together with the gel Opalescence. Mouthguards are manufactured individually and are placed on the teeth at a convenient time for you (preferably overnight).

Is it safe to do teeth whitening?
This question asks each patient. International Congress of Esthetic Dentistry in Montreal, which took place a few years ago, adopted a resolution: teeth whitening is the safest of all dental procedures. Teeth whitening performed professionally makes your smile bright, attractive, and it does not harm your teeth and body.
After the procedure, you need to take a special diet within a week. We do not recommend smoking, eating chocolate, drinking coffee, red wine, sweet soda and other foods that can stain the enamel. If you follow these recommendations, the whitening effect can be stored for 2 years.

Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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