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Promotional price for chairside teeth whitening - 200 eur

 Promotional price for chairside teeth whitening Chisinau

The advantages of a bleaching system “Smiling System”:
  • Immediate result in a minimal of time — 45 minutes;
  • Light the teeth colors on 5-7 tones ;
  • No negative effects on the gums, mucous membranes and enamel;
  • Strengthening of the enamel;
  • High stability of the result.
The dental clinic «ClasicDent» applies the professional whitening system "Smiling System" (Italy), using gels Professional Smiling Advanced HP and Proffesional Smiling Plus HP.
If you have dental calculus on the teeth stains from coffee, tea and tobacco, do not worry. This can be corrected with the help of professional cleaning of the teeth, and the subsequent whitening. And all this does not cause damage to the enamel. Scientists have proven that after teeth whitening, the structure of tooth enamel becomes denser by 25-35% and the risk of dental calculus, caries and periodontitis reduces up to 40%.
  • discoloration of the teeth as a result of bad habits, such as smoking;
  • aesthetic dissatisfaction;
  • age-related changes of color, because the enamel darkens with age;
  • pigmentation of the outer layer of tooth enamel;
  • tooth discoloration after injuries or illnesses;
  • "Tetracycline" teeth blackened from taking antibiotics, etc.

Smile, it lets your teeth breathe.
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