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Problems with teeth occur in every human being – in some earlier, in others later. Yet no one person escaped visit to the dentist.
Every person has his own experience of dental treatment – some remember it and their palms begin to sweat, while others visit to a dentist with pleasure. Some boast of their smile, while others shield diffidently their mouth with their hand.
- Why does it happen? - we asked one of the leading stomatologist of the Dental Center “ClasicDent”.

Denis Cristofor: Fear can cause serious ailments of the nervous and cardiovascular systems. The patient will never be afraid to visit to the dentist if he feels the doctor's care and attention. We are not just dentists, we are also psychologists. The doctor must make every effort in order to ensure that the patient will feel neither fear nor pain. Therefore, our doctors pay attention to a patient and prepare an individual program for him. After the first step of treatment, patients usually say that there are no the expected pain, discomfort and fear. Our patients are relaxing in the dentist's chair listening to the calm music.
- Is it enough to be prepared psychologically not to be afraid of the dentist's drill?
Denis Cristofor: Of course not! If there is the equipment made 5-10 years ago, a dentist uses outdated material and does not understand what he does, then no psychological preparation will help the patient. I often hear from some colleagues that as of today all diseases of the oral cavity and teeth have been well researched and there is no fresh news. I agree that new teeth and oral cavity diseases do not appear, but methods of their treatment are constantly being improved year after year, becoming better, more effective and painless. We are abreast of all the innovations in the field of dentistry and put them into practice, sparing neither time nor resources. We have the opportunity to use the equipment and the last generation materials that enables us to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment of high quality!
- What is so special at your center in contrast to others?
Denis Cristofor: At our dental center the patient receives a wide range of dental services – from the prevention of caries and oral cavity hygiene to the dental prosthetics and implantation. Treatment is under anesthetic without using such drug as arsenic. At all stages, we use cofferdam – a thin rubber sheet fixed with special clasps. This construction isolates the working field from saliva . All stages of canal filling are controlled under the radiography.

- In comparison with other dental centers, do you have any differences in the treatment methods?
Denis Cristofor: I can not definitely assert, as I don't know the work of all clinics. But I can say about the principle of our work and the work of other leading centers in Europe – is integrated and competent approach to the treatment of patient. Dentists of different specializations are involved to develop a treatment plan. We discuss all possible variants of treatment for taking the only correct decision. Dentistry – is a very responsible branch of medicine and the consequences of improper treatment can be very poor. Our task is to give our patients a healthy and beautiful smile.
It is necessary to consult a dentist before the treatment!

Last advices:

Every tooth in a man's head is more valuable than a diamond.
Miguel de Cervantes
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