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Full Package of Services

Our stomatological clinic provides a full range of dental services for adults and children. The modern digital equipment is used for the diagnosis of dental diseases.

The Qualified Personnel

The team of highly qualified doctors works in our clinic that undergoes annual certification and has great clinical experience.

Unique equipment

3D-modeling - a virtual planning of any dental operation, whether implants or prosthetics. The computer program processes the information and produces a very accurate treatment plan.

Special Program for Children

Our team will do everything to make kids forget about the fear and tears at the dentist’s office and they will please their parents with healthy and shiny smiles.

Emergency Call

If you have a sudden, severe toothache, call 079455953 between 10:00 and 20:00. On any day, including weekends and holidays!

Dental Consultation

Consultation of a qualified specialist, making a plan of treatment and examination using the intraoral camera.

13 years of successful operation!

71% of patients recommend us

15 300 beautiful smiles

1 year guarantee for all treatment options

3 000 of childrens are not already afraid to have teeth attended

Testimonials of our patient

High Quality

Our center is equipped with the most modern technologies – this is a guarantee of high quality of works performed in the most comfortable conditions for the patient. We use certified materials and tools of Japanese, German, American manufacturers who have proven themselves perfectly in the global market.


All that in dentistry should be disposable - is used in our clinic once. For the rest of the equipment is provided the triple system of processing and sterilization of instruments. The use of program "Anti-AIDS" and "Anti-Hepatitis" completely eliminates the possibility of transmission of viral infections.


We guarantee the high professionalism of doctors, individual approach, and attention to each patient. Painless treatment is guaranteed by using the latest generation of anesthetics.

Clinic's news

The project "Models Evolution"

news The project "Models Evolution" The dental clinic "ClasicDent" took part in the project "Models Evolution" in the issue devoted to "BusinessLadies".

Dental problems

advice Dental problems Problems with teeth occur in every human being – in some earlier, in others later. Yet no one person escaped visit to the dentist.

Welcome to ClasicDent’s web page!

29 G.Asachi str. (Telecenter),
Chisinau, Moldova
Tel. (+373) 22 72-66-91
Mob.: (+373) 79 535 752
Work schedule: daily 8.00 – 18.00,
Saturday: 8.00 – 14.00 ; 
Sunday – day off
Emergency call:
(+373) 79 455 953
Our dental clinic was founded in 2004 in Chisinau and quickly gained a large number of devoted patients.
The Dental Centre "ClasicDent" is just for those who wish to consult a personal dentist, who would be able to know everything about your teeth and would prevent the dental caries. You must admit that it is cheaper and more pleasant not to treat teeth but consult your dentist every six months for prophylactic examination.
Our dentists – a cohesive team of bright and creative individuals who constantly improve their professional level and above all they are very fond of their profession and are responsible for it. That is why our patients are so devoted and thankful. If you still do not have a dentist – contact us!
The main goal of our dentists is the integrated and competent approach in the treatment of each patient.
Our dental center “ClasicDent” is pleased to offer the following types of dental services: computer diagnostics, dental calculus removal with ultrasound, treatment of complicated teeth, dental bleaching and prosthetics according to the latest technologies: cermet, zirconium and thermoplastic dental prosthesis, implantology, orthodontology, pediatric dentistry, free consultation.
There is everything necessary at our center for the successful treatment of the most complex dental diseases. The clinic is fitted out with the most modern dental equipment.
Our doctors apply the newest technologies, developments and materials. We guarantee absolute painlessness and safety during treatment because the programs "AntiAIDS" and "Anti Hepatitis" totally exclude the possibility to contract viral infections. There is a separately equipped sterilizing room where all the tools undergo a complex process: chemical, high-temperature, bactericidal and ultrasonic. The sterilization of tools and equipment satisfies the sanitary-and-epidemiologic requirements. These regulations are strictly observed inside the Dental Center and regularly checked up by the sanitary-and-epidemiologic institution. Everything that must be a one-time in dentistry – is used only once in our dental clinic.
All our activities are aimed at a creating comfortable, agreeable and quiet atmosphere for patients. We work with each of them individually. Depending on your plans, we will appoint convenient time for your visit. We will do everything possible to ensure that you will have the most positive impression and a snow-white smile after your visit at our Dental Center.
We are sincerely happy to see you at our Dental Center!

Be true to your teeth and they won't be false to you. Soupy Sales
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